Our products, also through appropriate finishing processes, offer a big variety of particular and proven successful solutions to the component design for car interior, underbody and engine compartment.

It’s  particularly important to point out how the prototyping activities and product development , as support to the design , are basic elements of the activity carried out by the line Business Orsa Auto.


In details the proposed solutions can be realized through:

  • Nonwovens traditionally needle-punched, both plain and velours in different colours and weights for the covering of rear shelf panels , trunks , carpets and door panels.
  • Nonwovens traditionally needle-punched and thermomoldable with weights from 500 to 1500 gr/sqmts with more layers entangled with plain decors and velour used in various  transport sectors such as: automotive , truck, sea, rail and used for the realization  of carpets, boards, trunks.
  • Nonwovens entangled through hydroentanglement process with white and black fibers with weights from 30 to 200 gr/sqmts with many and specific treatments to:
    • give colouring (ex. different shade of grey)
    • give water , oil, fuel repellency
    • – give flame retardant treatments
    • – give adhesive effect with treatments of adhesive powders of various nature
  • Nonwovens needle-punched with carbon fibers at 100% or mixed with polyesters treated to satisfy all the requirements in the area of fire protection and in general for the maximum security.