The presence of ORSA NW in this area is related to different types of application such as:


  • Jettex for depilation: a vast range with several features for the professional hot depilation. Starting from bases all polyester and cellulose pulp, with enhanced impregnation making it the top quality of the market. Weights from 63 to 85 gr/sq.mts
  • K-TEX 50 and 70: 100% bamboo viscose, 50 and 70 gr/sq.mts, very high absorbency power, soft, wet-resistant, with documented antibacterial properties, 100% natural. Ideal for example for the natural facial masks.
  • Jettex 4006 FLV/OS: perforated polyester/viscose impregnated with a special soap, dried, the foam recovers when wet. Ideal for cleansing the body in the absence of running water and/or patients.
  • JJettex SCRUB Z: printed polyester/viscose with drawings (also customizable) slightly raised with greater or lesser exfoliating/abrasive capacity.
  • Many different kind of treatments for special applications.