Mechanical Needle Punching

Basic Product

ORFELT is a nonwoven realized with the needle punching technology.
This technology involves the binding of the fibers with plank equipped with thousands of metal needles with special “grooves”, on machines that crossing the nonwoven into both sides. It’s more versatile compared to the Spunlace in terms of produceble weights and thicknesses: the standard range of weights is from 80 to 500 gr/sqmts, but there is also the possibility to produce needle punch materials higher then 1000-1500 gr/sqmts. These products can be produced using different types of natural fibers, artificials and synthetics of colour white, black or a different colour.


Hydroentanglement Process

Basic Product

JETTEX is realized with the hydroentanglement technology (Spunlace). The spunlace technology binds the fibers using water microjets at very high pressure that crossing the nonwoven fiber into the both sides.

The nonwoven thus obtained maintains the characteristics of softness and drape, together with those of resistance. It can be produced using different types of natural fibers, artificial and synthetics of colour both white and black.

The Jettex obtained can be smooth or made with holes of different forms that vary from 8 to 24 mesh.

The weight range can be from 30 to 200 gr/sqmts.




The nonwoven both ORFELT and JETTEX can be enhanced with further finishing processes that allow colours, prints, hydro and oleophobic treatments, flame retardant, impregnation with synthetic resins, coating of adhesive powders, specific treatments in the “laundry” area, etc.

ORSA NW has facilities:


  • For the impregnation with floating cylinders and Rameuse drying
  • For the impregnation with floating cylinders, printing cylinder up to 2 colours more than the base one and Ramuese drying
  • For the coating of adhesive powders and related finishing
  • For textile finishing of smoothing, splitting and calendering
  • To review, cutting and packaging of rolls of smaller size or sectioned rolls (reels)