Cleaning – Laundry

Orsa NW is present with specific items for the whole CLEANING  phase and housecare, near to the consumers during their daily actions.

The high absorbency level , the high resistance , the good cleaning action, allow the use of  JETTEX for the production of cloths also for  large communities and for the production of technical cleaning devices used  in very specific industrial fields.


ORSA NW proposes for example:


A complete spunlace range of microfiber (polyester/polyamide) from 60 to 200 gr/ : for the maximum cleaning result also without the use of detergents , long lasting , ultra-absorbent , highly resistant , very low linting, washable repeatedly up to 90 C°, possibility of personalized prints;

A particular attention to MICRO K-TEX  that, with a good mix of microfiber and bamboo viscose, gives to the item the resistance of microfiber , mixed with the bacteriostatic capacity of the bamboo : it’s perfect for cleaning in hospital sector for example;

  • a complete range of perforated spunlace white and/or coloured , from 40 to 80 gr/sq.mts, in 100% viscose and/or viscose/polyester , resistant, for professional accurate cleaning (colour code for use) , washable ;
  • impregnated spunlace for special cleaning, such as graphic arts, automotive, etc..
  • printed spunlace with a wide customized possibility;
  • a complete range of items for the “LAUNDRY” field:

A range of colour catcher with different characteristics/weights/fabrics: tests carried out by external laboratories confirm the quality of  performances at the top of the market and confirm how the product is biodegradable more than 90% , according to the norm UNI EN ISO 14855-2;

– to these base products other items with special performances can be added ( optical whitening, for the use of bright colours, for the use of intense colours , etc..);

A spunlace with a special treatment for dryer with excellent performances for softener, perfumer, antistatic: one of the few with such features really combined and customizable (for ex. in terms of fragrance).

An innovative item with very high performances, able to astonish the customers , by bringing together in a single sheet everything  is needed for Laundry.

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