Quality system

Orsa was, in 1995, the first Italian manufacturer of NONWOVENS to certify its quality system according to the standards of ISO 9000 series.

The activity of Quality control is developed on all the process chains.

A laboratory equipped with modern instruments such vibroscopie, colourimeters, abrasion test machine, dynamometers, thickness measure instruments, viscosimeters allows accurate control of the incoming raw material and to the finished product.


The production lines operate automatically and are equipped with mini laboratories with dynamometers for testing the characteristics of the product also in the intermediate production phases.

All finished products are tested and certified to the customer in accordance with the strict technical specifications.

The history of the obtained values is always the object of a capability study with the purpose to aim for continuous improvement.


ORSA NW it’s always on the edge taking care of environmental issues; this is way since 2017 we are certified FSC-Chain of Custody  PDFIcon


System certifications

Product certifications